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Special Offers


Many of our customers, especially those that travel from afar, like to buy their sausages in bulk (often being asked by family, friends and neighbours to bring them some back too!) With this in mind Bycroft’s offer the following deals to all our customers:

Buy 5lb* Lincolnshire Sausages for 12.50
5.51 per kg – you save 43p per lb!

Buy 10lb* Lincolnshire Sausages for 20.99
4.63 per kg – you save 83p per lb

Buy 5lb*Lincolnshire Chipolatas for 13.99
6.17 per kg - you save 49p per lb

Buy 10lb* Lincolnshire Chipolatas for 23.99
5.29 per kg – you save 89p per lb

*(5lb = 2.270kg and 10lb = 4.540kg)

Bycrofts Fresh meat window display

Please note you can “Mix ‘n’ Match” for example:
 3lb Sausage + 2lb Chipolatas = 5lb - Both items weighed at 5lb prices!
6lb Sausage + 4lb Chipolatas = 10lb - Both items weighted at 10lb prices!
Just ask your sales assistant to get that fabulous discount!

BBQ Range

For your barbeque on those sunny days, or for your griddle/grill on not so sunny days, Bycroft’s provides a wide variety of BBQ meats to suit all your guests.

Our BBQ range includes homemade burgers - Pork & Apple, Beef, and Lamb & mint; a choice of freshly made kebabs, aswell as other meats of your choice (for example, pork belly slices, chicken fillets, or pork spare ribs) that can be coated with a “Flavaglaze.” Choose from Hot & Spicy, Smokey BBQ, Chinese, Lemon & pepper, Sweet Chilli & lime, Louisiana, Rosemary & Garlic or Minty flavour.

Speciality Sausages

In addition to our popular Lincolnshire Pork sausage, we also make the following sausages:

Chicken Sausage - Made to our own special recipe and very low in fat! Find these in our freezer section.

Bulk Purchase discount

Not only do we offer a great saving when bulk buying sausages but we can also offer a discount when purchasing other meats in large quantities (often over 5lb.) For further information please do not hesitate to call us.

Trade Price List

Perhaps you are a business who regularly requires a supply of high quality fresh meats. With this in mind we do offer a separate price list for our trade customers. Please do call us and we will be happy to either offer you a quotation or post a price list to you.